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Default Local folder seems to change by itself

Hi all

I'm connected to a remote FTP site and working with a folder structure like this:


My local folder structure is like this:


A file existed in /2 remotely and /ver2 locally. The file did not exist anywhere else.

I tried to download a file from the remote /2 folder into my local \ver3 folder, deliberately.

Whenever I released the mouse button from the drag process, FlashFXP changed the local folder back to /ver2 and requested overwrite permission. I have not been using synchronised browsing. Disconnecting and reconnecting FTP did not solve the problem - but restarting the software did.

Perhaps this is expected behaviour and I accidentally switched on some feature or other - does anyone know?

I'm using an evaluation of 4.2.4 build 1783 on Windows 7 32 bit.

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