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have made all the files 777 but still getting issues, although after seeing some in the status window I think it may be something in the ioftpd.ini file

04/06/2012 20:50:36: MDTM 20120604195035 SBSE____.9F5
04/06/2012 20:50:36: 550 SBSE____.9F5: Permission denied (config file). ----- this bit here
04/06/2012 20:50:36: SITE UTIME 20120604195035 SBSE____.9F5
04/06/2012 20:50:36: 500 'SITE UTIME': Command not understood.
04/06/2012 20:50:36: SITE UTIME 201206041950 SBSE____.9F5
04/06/2012 20:50:36: 500 'SITE UTIME': Command not understood.

I am going to have a little play about and see if I cant hunt down this little issue

edit: checking the software, it gives me 4 options

MDTM syntax

default ---- no idea what this is
MDTM [time in GMT format] filename
MDTM yyyymmddhhmmss [+- minutes from Universal Time] filename
MDTM [local time stamp] filename

I have been going through the Syncback forum but have not found anything yet, If I cant get this sorted I may email them

edit 2:

When looking at the logs that Syncback makes i have found something strange

Drive Type FTP
FTP Server Type glftpd - 215 UNIX Type: L8
Format FTP

It's not glftpd though

If i tell syncback ioftpd does not support MDTM it will transfer, although it will use the time on that machine.

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