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Default We need your help

We're in the process of testing a new Unicode enabled version of FlashFXP and we desperately need your help.

This new version of FlashFXP will allow true language translation and rendering and is not just limited to the specific Windows Locale) and it will allow displaying foreign characters that are currently incorrectly or unable to be displayed in the current version of FlashFXP.

However we need to fine tune our text converter for handling non-UTF8 encoded directory listings.

For this we need to some public ftp servers that do not UTF8 encode the directory listing or FTP server status messages.

While the majority of most FTP servers now use UTF8 as the defacto standard, there are still quite a few legacy machines that do not for one reason or another.

In order for us to support these servers to the best of our ability we need real-world access to them for testing purposes.

We do not need write access to the FTP server, so any FTP server that allows anonymous would be sufficient.

If you can help us, Please send me a private message with the site information in the following format.

URL: ftp://user:pass@host:port
Locale: (e.g Russian, Chinese, etc)
<along with any additional information>

Thank you,
Charles DeWeese
OpenSight Software, LLC
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