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The speed reported in the statusbar is based on a 4 second rolling average. This is used to help normalize the speed shown in FlashFXP, often with some internet connections you'll see data being transmitted in blocks with delays between each block, rather than a continuous stream. i.e. block, block, delay, block, delay, delay, block. We use the 4 second average to normalize the speed and eliminate the so-called yo-yo effect. I am not 100% sure about v2.1 but I know v3.x used a 20 second average.

Another factor is the TCP/IP Buffer size setting in FlashFXP, If this buffer is too big or small it can effect the way data is received by FlashFXP skewing the transfer speed shown in the statusbar.
Options > Preferences Dialog > Connection > TCP/IP Buffer size

Sometimes when upgrading from an older version of FlashFXP this setting can be set incorrectly.

We recommend using the (default) setting but often times a larger or smaller value will provide better results, not just by increasing the transfer speed but also smoothing out the transfer speed in the statusbar.
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