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Default How can I transfer only a specific file type?

How can I transfer only a specific file type?

The easiest way is to use the selective transfer rules feature.

A selective transfer rule allows you to define a customized rule set which can then be used to transfer or skip a list of files and/or folders.

A couple examples of why you might want to use a selective transfer rule set:
* to recursively transfer all *.zip files from one location to another.
* to skip all folders named .svn and transfer everything else.

Getting started with selective transfer rules.
  1. Start FlashFXP.
  2. Tools > Selective Transfer Rules > Edit
  3. Add a new selective transfer list.
  4. Add the desired file mask.
  5. We'll leave the action set to transfer for our example.
  6. Click the Save button.

Now we can active the selective transfer list a couple different ways.

A selective transfer list can be activated via the main menu.
Tools > Selective Transfer Rules > (list name)

Via the toolbar

Via a scheduled task
Tools > Schedule > Select Task > Edit Task > Selective Transfer Rule Set

Via a Queue entry
right-click on the item in the queue window and select Edit.

Then from the queue Item properties dialog.

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