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Default Explicit SSL - AUTH SSL Alternative Names


I am having a bit of trouble with my FTPS Server: It seems as FlashFXP does not evaluate the "X509v3 Subject Alternative Name" entrys while validating the server certificate... Is it a problem/misconfiguration on my end or is it a bug in FlashFXP?

To test this, you may connect to my FTP Server at
The certificate is valid and is displayed as valid when using the address "", but when using only "" (for which the certificate contains an alternative name entry) it gets rejected.

* FlashFXP v4.2.1, build [1745], [x]registered, [ ]unregistered, [ ]pirated <- lol
* OS [x] Windows 7, [ ] Vista, [ ] WinXP, [ ] Other (specify)
* Running behind hardware router/firewall [x] Yes & Model [AVM FritzBox 7112], [ ] No, [ ] Not sure
* Running software firewall [ ] Yes, Name [ ], Ver. [ ], or [x] No
* Running Antivirus [x] Yes, Name [Microsoft Security Essentials] or [ ] No
* Internet Connection [x] DSL, [ ] CABLE, [ ] Other(specify)

additional info if related
* FTP server(s) name [ProFTPD], version [1.3.3a]

If you require more information, please specify what you desire
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