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Default 'Transferred' But Not Transferred

Hi Everyone,

I am new here, and I am not so technologically advanced as most of please be gentle I understand certain info is needed for certain questions, but I don't know if this is one of them, and where to find this info....

I have been using FlashFTP for a few years now, and I absolutely love it. Never a problem....until recently.

I moved to a new host/server and when uploading a large amount of files at once, I keep getting the error "Socket Error: (10054): connection reset by peer". I never had this problem before. My new host insists I am using PASV mode, and I sent her screen shots telling her I am not. The last large upload of my live help software, the errors were fewer but I was still getting them. I have to shut down the program with things in queue and then reboot and then they tranfer......until later on when I get the error again. Rinse and repeat....

BUT today I upgraded when prompted, and now my files will not upload. I get all the right info saying it has been uploaded, but the changes I make to html files are not there. When I look at the time of the last file change, it was several attempts prior. I have been shutting down and rebooting the program....but no change

Any ideas......
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