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Default bad name

i think it is client side "issue" ? because it doesnt work in S m a r t F T P (dir not found), A C E F T P can go to this folder but cant download (file not exist). so with flashFXP it is much better but not best. (you can download, but not after reconnect)


this commands are client side. so why flashfxp first use first and after reconnect second ?

CWD /incoming/ÿÿ.ÿÿ. @ me ÿÿ./
CWD /incoming/ÿ.ÿ. @ me ÿ./

and in saved queue is this:
/incoming/ÿ.ÿ. @ me ÿ./

why ? flash doesnt need server assistance to save path i think.

i can send you complete log file if you are interested.
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