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Default FlashFXP command line switches problem

Hi there,

I'm a long-time user of FlashFXP and recently started automating uploads via command-line switches. Now it turned out that some uploads were not ok, so I was looking for a way to create a logfile so I can check for broken/interrupted transfers later.

The helpfile states that I can supply the -logfile="<path>" switch to create a logfile for the session that was initiated through the command line, but whatever I try, as soon as I add -logfile the the command-line, FlashFXP errors out and reports this error in the GUI event log:

Error: " MyFtpGroup[strange character] MyFtpSite" -logfile="MyLogfile.log" not found in Site Manager

My full command line looks like this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\FlashFXP 4\flashfxp.exe" -upload "\MyFTPGroup\MyFTPSite" -remotepath="/whatever/remote/path/needed/" -localpath="C:\Whatever\Upload\Folder\" -logfile="C:\logfiles\transfer.log" -c2

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? I just updated to the latest 4.2 release and it still behaves the same. Any pointers are greatly appreciated
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