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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
From what I can tell the file is downloaded as the size reported after download.
No, the size is reported but the file is transferred as 0 bytes:
[R] SIZE fairlight.nfo
[R] 213 4406
Transferred: fairlight.nfo 0 bytes in 0 second (0,0 KB/s)

I have double-checked skiplists and whatnot, and nothing is there to be skipped at all.

Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Could it be a problem with viewing the file? Have you tried to view the file outside of FlashFXP?
I have tried editing both nfo files and sfv files in notepad, as well as run them in their respective default applications both from explorer and from the flashfxp local browser (which I believe simply is a shell for explorer, in a sense?).
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