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Here I bring my server admin response:



In ASCII the transferred data is considered to contain only ASCII formatted text. The receiver have to translate the format of the received text,only then it would be readable by his OS. For instance in windows system, pressing the "enter" key inserts two characters in an ASCII text document - a carriage return (which places the cursor at the beginning of the line) and a line feed (which places the cursor on the line below the current one). On UNIX systems, only a line feed is used. ASCII text formatted for use on UNIX systems does not display properly when viewed on a Windows system and vice versa.

In Binary transfer file is transfered as binary data (0 and 1). In binary mode file is transmitted as raw formats ie it is transfered in its exact form.
It is better to use ASCII for transferring .txt, htm, html, css,htm, html, css. If a file containinf binary data is transfered in ASCII then chances of file to get corrupted are high.

In most of the ftp clients we have option to change the transfer modes. I hope you are satisfied with this reply.

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