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Default [SOLVED] Keyboard raw commands/shortcut and 'site color' issues.

FlashFXP 4.1.8 (build 1703) on Vista SP2 64-bit and 7 SP1 64-bit.

1. Keyboard raw commands/shortcuts.
I have issues using Ctrl + <cmd> commands; often they don't seem to register and when I press the shortcut nothing happens. For example Ctrl + R for Raw Command (quote) or a custom command Ctrl + W for 'site who'.
Sometimes Ctrl + R begins to work if I press Ctrl + B first and then hit esc. To get Ctrl + W to work I have to press Ctrl + B, hit esc, press Ctrl + R and then hit esc again.
It's hard for me to describe this further since I can't really pin-point why this would happen and it feels a bit random and once in a while it works just fine at start-up. This goes back a few months and since I don't use it that very often it was not of much concern, but now it's starting to get really annoying...

2. Site color.
Well, this is rather trivial, but it started a month or two ago with the text rows in the transfer window having an extra empty row under them when 'site color' is turned on. If I turn off 'site color' the transfer window lists text as usual and if I resize the FlashFXP window in any way while I'm experiencing the issue, the extra row disappears and it's displayed as expected.

How it's not supposed to look:
How it's supposed and used to look (same as above after resize of FlasFXP):
Another example, slightly different from above:

If there's any additional info you might need let me know and I'll provide it.

Thanks in advance,

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