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Default FlashFXP v4.1.8 maintenance release

FlashFXP v4.1.8 maintenance release

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Changes in this release
  • Added: [site manager/search] You can now search for a site by name.
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.0f
  • Improved: [ssh/sftp] error reporting, some protocol errors during the login were not shown.
  • Improved: [custom command/editor] Several minor user-improvements, and you can now export a (single or multiple) command without having to export the entire group.
  • Changed: [remote/folder select dialog] Clicking a folder in the server folder select dialog will now request a directory listing from the server and populate the children and you can use the F5 key to force a re-fresh of the current directory.
  • Changed: [interface/toolbar] Added auto font scaling to The "local browser" text shown on the toolbar.
  • Changed: [task/scheduler] You can now manually execute disabled tasks using the "Run now" command. Previously it would indicate that the task was disabled.
  • Fixed: [task/scheduler] Monthly tasks scheduled to run on "first, second, third, etc" day of the week weren't being set properly on vista and up, and older versions of windows only allow a single value but the control incorrectly allowed multiple choices.
  • Fixed: [server/session] Under some conditions server replies were displayed twice in the session window/log.
  • Fixed: [server/select folder dialog] The dialog wasn't scaling the content correctly when using a non-standard screen text DPI.
  • Fixed: [queue/list]Previous builds would sometimes show blank entries, this should now be fixed.
  • Fixed: [ftp/MVS] Back in build 1669 we introduced a change that broke compatibility with MVS FTP servers resulting in incomplete downloads. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed: [ftp/ssl/download] In some rare instances the downloaded file could end up incomplete due to the way FlashFXP was handling the SSL shutdown.
  • Fixed: [mouse wheel/scrolling] Sometimes would throw an error "Cannot focus an invisible or disabled window"
  • Fixed: [tree navigation] Items in the tree weren't always color coded, either by the skiplist or the highlighting.
  • Fixed: [skiplist] The skiplist wasn't always being applied to files that were dragged from the local browser and dropped on the remote browser.
  • Fixed: [key manager] Closing the key manager while creating a certificate would sometimes result in a crash while aborting the certificate generator thread.

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