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Just a quick update. I personally find there are VERY few reasons for the VFS section of the .ini file to be overly complex. I bet most people grant uploaders the rights to their own stuff but nobody elses, and 1 (SiteOp) flagged users can do anything.

Similarly, I find that creating more than maybe 1 new user flag is rarely needed, especially if you are using it to control filesystem access only.

If you find yourself doing either send me a private message and I'll see if there isn't a simpler way to do what you want.

The only other thing I should mention is the private/hidden directory option. Using 'site chattr +h' you can create a flag-style permission entry that controls who can even see the directory. Thus you can make /GAMES have a chattr +h value of 1VM =GAMERS and only SiteOps and people in the GAMERS group could even see that you have a /GAMES directory... This feature removes the need for multiple .vfs files and also gets rid of .ini VFS rules about who can do what to different sections because you don't need to worry about them uploading to a directory they can't even see.
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