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Just setup the default.vfs file. For most users there is never a need to use more than one VFS file.

There are 2 major access checks on file access.

The first is the VFS section of the .ini file which controls who can do what. The default setup shows an example of a server where normal users (3 flag only) can only upload stuff under the /Incoming directory. The reason it's setup so restrictive by default is so that new users understand what they are granting users permission to do. Perhaps I should change that... Anyway, just change the /Incoming/* to /* and then they'll apply everywhere which is what most people do I bet. An obvious counter-example would be people who remove user's ability to modify the /ARCHIVE dir on their servers...

The second check is the actual filesystem directory/file permissions (the rwx stuff). Thus a user could have rights in the .ini file to create a directory anywhere but the / root dir may have rw-r--r-- which means only the owner (ioFTPD user by default) can create/delete stuff in the / dir.

And now for the last bit of info I think you need. If rwx permissions are good enough for controlling who can up/down where then just open up everything in the .ini VFS section and you're done. If only some people should be able to upload across the whole server I'd suggest just using the "3" flag which by convention is for that purpose (i.e. accounts without the 3 flag can't modify stuff). If you want you could also give out the 4,5,6,a,b,c whatever flags to groups of users. There is almost no difference between using a made-up flag like say 4 and having a made up group like say OWNERS and granting them rights to upload somewhere except most permission .ini entries are flag-style which means you could write 13VM45 which is simpler than 13VM =USERS =OWNERS...
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