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Default Server File Search along with custom commands changed or a bug


I noticed something when I was upgrading from build 1651->1673, when using "Server File Search" and want to execute a raw command on the selected items that was found during the search,it no longer use the absolute path to the file/folder, so custom commands that have worked for years can't be used anymore.

Should it be like this or is it a bug that have appeared along the road?

In both examples im standing in root "/" when executing the custom command and search.

FlashFXP V4 build 1651
[08:33:08] [L] site wipe -r /folder/folder/folder/filename.txt
[08:33:08] [L] 200 /folder/folder/folder/filename.txt successfully removed.

FlashFXP V4 build 1673
[08:42:29] [L] site wipe -r filename.txt
[08:42:29] [L] 200 Can't wipe: filename.txt does not exist or it's not a plain file/directory
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