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By default FlashFXP will preserve the date/time of all files uploaded and downloaded, however not all FTP servers are able to preserve the date/time on upload. Some FTP servers do not support this functionality and some by default don't allow it.

If you were uploading the files to your NAS via FTP then I suspect that the NAS FTP server software doesn't support the capability of setting the date/time.

If this is in fact a limitation of the FTP server software then I'm afraid you'd need to find another way to sync the file date/time.

FlashFXP only supports syncing the date/time during file transfers. This is quite an unusual and unique situation that unfortunately can't be done with FlashFXP at this time. A feature like this could be added but I'm not sure if this would be something that would add much value to FlashFXP. Aside from your situation I'm not sure if there are other situations where this would be useful. And if the FTP server doesn't support setting the date/time then this feature wouldn't work.
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