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It seems that all your problems come from UPDATE dupe command.
  1. ActionType=MOVE
    Script teeps are : COPY to destination, update dupe if enabled and finally delete source.
    The script failed on step 2 (update dupe) and thats why the third step (DELETE source) was never reached
  2. logFormat
    This setting is used to write to ioFTPD.log or internal log file. it was not logged, because the script exited on update dupe.
    Example :
    PHP Code:
    <logFormat>ARCHIVE: &quot;Archive&quot; &quot;Moving {0from {1to {2}&quot;</logFormat
    will write a line into ioFTPD.log : 2012-12-02 12 23:23 ARCHIVE: "archive" "Moving blablabla from /sadfsd/sdfsd/ to /fsfsdfsf/"
  3. FileNameInternalLog
    when xml configuration has logFormat node it will allways log to ioFTPD.log, and also to 'FileNameInternalLog' if specified in .config.
    this is only if someone wanna have a second log file (additional to default ioFTPD.log) and/or the irc bot reads anounce lines from that file...
  4. update dupe db
    sorry i don't know the correct update command for nxdupe, but if you get it, you can change it in 'DataSourceDupeUpdateCommand'

for now just disable update dupe and everything should start working again.
PHP Code:
<add key="UpdateDupe" value="false"/> 

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