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i will create a "release" version without debuging when i come back home (weekend).
you can use it with any bot that uses ioFTPD.log file for example.

you have also an option to write anounce messages to file of your choice
<add key="FileNameInternalLog" value="e:\\server\\ioFTPD\\logs\\jeza.ioFTPD.log" /> and bot can read it and anounce...

Example of writing SFV info to ioFTPD.log :
<add key="LogToIoFtpdSfv" value="true" /> <!-- log SFV uploaded to ioFTPD.log -->

Example of writing SFV info to file of your choice:
<add key="LogToInternalSfv" value="true" />

i also released a complete sitebot with trial/quota and everything
but it is almost nothing documented :P

check out this thread
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