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Originally Posted by jeza View Post

Upgrade instructions:
  • In jeza.ioFTPD.ZipScript.exe.config add
    <!-- delete all files that start with this string in rescan folder -->
    <add key="TagCleanUpStringCrc32" value="]-[" />
    <add key="TagIncompleteCrc32" value="]-[iNCOMPLETE]-[ {11}% ]-[{6}FiLE(s) of {4}FiLE(s)]-[iNCOMPLETE]-[" />
    <add key="TagCompleteCrc32" value="]-[Complete]-[{11}%]-[ {9} - {6}F]-[" />
is what threw me off, in the file you sent me it is different, mine doesn't have Crc32 on the end, i thought I had to replace the lines, but i didn't, still all working fine now, well apart for the folder as tag thing
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