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Sorry bigstar, I know I should have put those details initially..
I have XP sp2 and using FlashFXP version: 4.1.0 (build 1635) [RC 3]

Now, since I posted that.. I can add that the file was not deleted it was actually moved one folder higher than the folder it was in! Strange.
Also, it does not happen on the remote pane while ftp connected to a site.

I came across this exactly like: I went to drag n drop a jpg from explorer pane to remote pane.. clicked and held the jpg BUT never even made it out of the explorer pane with the file (left mouse button still down).. and realized it was the wrong file. So while still in explorer pane, I let the file go.. and it just vanished. Then, as of today I found it (and others that I repeated the steps above numerous times), one folder higher then the folder it was in.
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