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if you talking download speed depends where your downloading from...

And your also assuming straight away this is a bug, if it is a bug your not presenting any useful information to even attempt to resolve the problem or duplicate it or try to see if its your computer or if its something else.

Again you dont offer much in the way of explanation what server your trying to download from and have you tried others.

Not all servers allow you full speed, specially ones you have no control over, many server will cap your speed, or them selves only have a finite amount of bandwidth for e.g server can has total 100MB/s link speed, also how much bandwidth its available to it depending if they have unlimited bandwidth or not, if 50 people all downloading from same fTP server your not gonna get that 100MB/s anymore....

also bandwidth !=download speed.

I will test the download speed fro different FTP servers and see what I can see.

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