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Default Proxy Server in ini file & Virtual Machines


I've re-packaged your application for deployment to a corporate environment.

As part of the packaging process, I have included 3 proxies we need to set for our
users in a "default" flashfxp.ini that will be deployed to our users. This is a common requirement for corporate applications, whereby users should not need to configure a thing and the application should work, "out of the box".

The problem is, the application appears to work fine on physical machines, but is unable to negotiate the proxy servers on Virtual Machines.

I have tried deleteing the proxy server info, and then re-inserting it, however this never works on the VM. The info is inserted correctly in the application, however I note that the details in the proxy server section of the .ini change to a different value every time you specify a proxy. (the code changes)

I'm using the exact same ini file on VM's as Physical machines, so why would the machine being Virtual make any difference to how the proxy server information is read by the application?

Also, moving forward, can you make it possible to specify the proxies as part of a silent setup process and set a default? As stated above, this is a common requirement in a corporate environment.

Please find the ini file enclosed in a zip



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