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So you got ~31MB of a 100MB file and it got that far in roughly 24 seconds which meant it was going quite fast so the server didn't time out the connection or anything.

Unfortunately there isn't a simple way to figure out which side is having issues so you'll have to look at a number of things. My suggestion is to start with a memory test on the local server since I've had a few sticks of memory go bad over the years and the way the errors show up can be insidious sometimes. Then rule out the network card / CPU by transferring hundreds of gigs between the server and another local machine or laptop using SSL and use 'netstat -s' from a command prompt before and after to see if anything jumps out such as packet retransmissions or CRC errors. Use multiple transfers to stress things even more. This won't rule out specific SSL algorithm differences (though those OpenSSL guys are pretty savvy) but if you don't find a problem after all that then it's probably not your server and it's the other guys problem or a router between you (they can have memory fail as well).
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