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Default FlashFXP Task Scheduler Improvement

So I am experimenting with the shedule feature.

By the way, this is a REALLY nice option to have.
Especially having the log summary emailed to you.
This is usually a secondary process with a batch file.

As it stands it can satisfy most users needs.
Allow me to explain.

The schedule in my case is dependent on another process completing such as a backup executed by a batch file.
After the backup is done... then ftp the files offsite.

Now sometimes the backup takes longer or shorter so the backup may not be finished when flashfxp goes off from the schedule. This is a parallel approach and can cause problems.

A better way is to serialize the processes.
I decided to copy the command created by flashfxp in the windows task scheduler. Then I dumped the task from the windows task scheduler.
Now the task does not show up in flashfxp anynore but the command I copied was put into a backup batch file and works perfectly including the summary email.

A side effect though is that you can no longer edit the "Once Configured & Hidden Task Properties" for email/log options even though it still exists and is functional under the hood.

I think there should be an option to unlink the task from the schedule.
This would allow the task to be executed manually via command line and get the benefit of the summary email while still having the option to link it to the windows task scheduler.

A possible workaround would be to leave the task in windows and change the action to point to the batch file that contains the backup command and the flashfxp generated command.
Maybe then I would still be able to at least edit the task properties for email/log options inside flashfxp. Or as I just discovered you can just disable the scheduled task in windows then execute with a command line anyway.

Is this making sense or is there another way I have not seen?


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