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i have noticed, but one thing concerns me. both ioninja and nxtools share some things like mkd/stor
... would a setup like the following cause an error....:?

;stor = TCL ..\scripts\ioNiNJA\ioNiNJA.itcl PRESTOR
;mkd = TCL ..\scripts\ioNiNJA\ioNiNJA.itcl PREMKD
;dele = TCL ..\scripts\ioNiNJA\ioNiNJA.itcl PREDELE
;mkd = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxDupe.tcl PREMKD
;stor = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxDupe.tcl PRESTOR
;pass = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxClose.tcl LOGIN

if an error happens, which do you recommend leaving. since you said it comes down to preference, which would you recommend (sorry, still very noob with these scripts)
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