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Default issues with scripts

ive managed to get my server running the way i like it more or less but im having a few issues.

1). ioGIVE/ioTAKE by tuff: scripts works and does give/take but the user i perform command for doesnt receive or has any credits taken. i was wondering if it is something in ioftpd config that i may have over looked?

2). id like to give different ratio's for certain sections but im having difficulty as well. example:

D:/MP3/ /MP3 ratio 1:3
E:/Movies/ /MOVIES ratio 1:3
F:/REQ/ /REQ ratio 1:5 (if possible)

i do not know how to go about doing this... also, when the folders refreshes and gives you the info at the bottom (ratio/credits/space/speed/etc) it states location is DEFAULT even when i go into various different folders (not sure if this affects the credits/ratio issues im having). thanks in advance
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