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You can test this script for moving/deleting folders.
Microsoft .net framework 3.5 SP1 must be installed on machine where the script will be executed.

You can setup windows task for it or add a line to ioFTPD scheduler.
archive = 59 3 * * E:\server\ioFTPD\scripts\jeza.ioFTPD.ArchiveScript \jeza.ioFTPD.Archive.exe

It uses XML file for configuration (check Example.txt).
This script can:
  • move/delete folders older than X days
  • move/delete folders when total count of folders exceeds X
  • move/delete folders when free space on DISK is below X BYTES
  • move/delete folders when total used space on DISK is over X BYTES
  • move/delete folders when specified folder total used space is over X BYTES

I suggest using it on some test folder first
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