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Yil and benjamin3, I'll try my best to clear this up.

benjamin3, after speaking to you awhile back regarding this issue the logic was revised, I do believe the changes were mentioned in a forum post or the change log, but I can't recall off the top of my head.

The setting request file size/date prior to transfer serves two purposes.
1. We use this to determine if the file exists.
2. get the current file date/time and size.

We try to use the MLST command if its available and if not we fall back to the SIZE command.

If this setting is unchecked in FlashFXP then we rely solely on the directory listing information, depending on several factors this information could be stale and lead to an undesired results.

That being said this feature has evolved since it was first introduced.

In the original design a command was always sent to the server when this option was checked.

This was later refined to only send a MLST/SIZE command if:
1. the list command was LIST or STAT -al.
2. the list command was MLSD and the age of the cached directory was less than 5 min.

This is when I started seeing reports of issues with uploads being overwrote when multiple FTP users were uploading the same files, so this was then refined again to only apply this logic to downloads. Uploads and site to site transfers would always send MLST/SIZE regardless of the list method or age of the cache.

Now there is one exception to this rule, there is an undocumented ini only setting DGFS that has existed way before the request file size/date prior to transfer setting was introduced and by request this ini setting has been kept.

If this setting exists in the flashfxp.ini under [main] DGFS=1 then the request file size/date prior to transfer setting doesn't apply to site to site transfers.

Apart from the DGFS setting there shouldn't be any reason that FlashFXP doesn't check for the existence of the file. I conducted several tests and as far as I can tell it is working 100%.

If you're still experiencing problems with this setting, I will be happy to investigate this further with both of you.

EDIT: One thing came to mind after my original post.
In the cases where no command is sent to the server is the file to be transferred shown in the target file list? and if it is shown what is the file size? If the size is 0 that could pose a problem.

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