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Hmm... Can you double check this FXP behavior.

With 2 people sending to a directory I'm watching FXP request the SIZE of the file that got uploaded by another user (after the last directory listing), get a valid size response of the full file size, and then watching FXP try to overwrite the file. No resume, just a plain STOR. This fails because the file is already there, but I don't think I remember flash doing that before.

Both sites are using the global rules, request file/size prior is checked, and I have a site to site size equal rule to skip.

Hmm, this isn't the 1650 on that machine, it's the last of the 1649 tests.

Update: I incorrectly read the log. Flash requested the SIZE of the file from the source and then blindly tried to send it. I thought in an FXP it would ask the size on the target to figure out if it was there or not or if it needed to be resumed.

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