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Originally Posted by jharmen View Post
Since i updated to the newest version 4.1.0 1648 my download speeds are way slower then when i use 4.0.0 1548. I can't find the reason why, anyone got a idea ?
Can you please answer the following questions.

Windows version:

Software firewall brand/version:

System CPU and memory:

Type of internet connection (dsl/cable/etc) as well as the speed:

What speed do you see with 4.0 and now with 4.1:

What is the "connection type" for the site profile:

When transferring files with the FTP protocol there is a feature called MODE Z that performs stream compression on the file transfer, is it enabled? This can be determined by reviewing the server session status window.

Also the transfer speed reported in 4.0 was not very accurate, the method used to calculate the speed was changed in 4.1 which may also skew the result, its best to measure the speed externally if possible when comparing 4.0 to 4.1.
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