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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Yes you can customize the taskbar caption during file transfers, this setting can be configured via the Preferences dialog > Transfer > Taskbar Caption

Do you have visual themes turned off for FlashFXP in Windows 7? Based on your screenshot it appears you do. This can create unnecessary flickering, the only solution would be to turn visual themes back on for FlashFXP.

Enabling any unnecessary compatibility settings for FlashFXP under Windows Vista or Windows 7 can cause unexpected and unpredictable results.

If the flicker is limited to a specific part of the FlashFXP window can you please explain where the flicker occurs and what you're doing at the time.
Ok thanks for the quick reply.
I just downloaded the 4.1 stable version and upgraded from the earlier stable 4.0.
Then the Interface/Toolbar for both the
- Main buttons and
- Navigation Buttons
changed from old classic to new tango.
I just changed back to the classic style .
Even if I try to import my old 4.0 settings I get tango for the "Main buttons and Navigation buttons"

After some other tweaks the flickering has disappeared.
And I am back to the way I had it before the upgrade....
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