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Originally Posted by ecksteinn View Post
I experience problems since a very few latest releases in combination with actual raidenftpd and implicit and explicit SSL/TLS and binary file uploads

FFXP hangs and freezes
The only thing I can think of that may of caused this is when we updated the OpenSSL dlls to the latest release. We haven't touched the FTP SSL/TLS code for many builds now, that code was finalized awhile back.

I used to have a license key for raidenftpd but it appears I've misplaced it, I've contacted the raiden team but I'm not sure how long it might take before I have a replacement key. As soon as I am able to test raidenftpd I will do so.

If you could provide me with a test account on a raidenftpd server that would be a huge help, if this is possible please send me a private message.
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