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Originally Posted by frostyboy View Post
Hi Bigstar,
1. What is change log from build 1645 to 1648? What problems were fixed?
There was just one change, I fixed the issue with the transfer graph font.

2. Evaluation nag screen both in prompt and in popup still says RC3, may wish to remove it in next release. Also the 50% off offer link is broken.
Thank you, I have resolved this issue.

3. Logging in to the forums as in without the "www" results in a redirect error.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention, should redirect to, this should now be fixed.

4. Installation defaults. Why is the IE plugin not installed by default and have to choose custom to install it? Other users may not know and simply default to a typical install. Are there any plans for a Firefox or Chrome plugin? And the languages should be optional, not a typical part of the installation? No need to waste more space on unneeded languages.
When we first implemented the IE plugin we received a lot of flack because its a BHO (browser helper object) and several security conscious customers asked us to not install it by default. We listened to them and make it part of the custom install.

I don't think a plugin is required for Firefox or Chrome, There was a post on the forums somewhere explaining how to configure Firefox to use FlashFXP.

More than half of our customers use FlashFXP in language other than English, It makes sense to have them as part of the typical installation.

5. I have had this strange problem of FlashFXP and Win7 Ultimate SP1 32 bit, not saving the 'per user' installation settings and defaulting back to the 'single user'. I cannot find the option in preferences to revert it back. Perhaps this could be introduced in a later build. I have tried this in both normal mode and safe mode. I had to delete the FlashFXP.exe and reinstall and it now seems to work, but its really odd.
I will look into this, the last time I tested the 'per user' settings everything worked as designed. You only installed FlashFXP once correct?

6. Given that 4.1 beta is now over, what are your plans for the future? Is your plan to start a 4.2 beta or are you going to start working on version 5?
The web site needs lots of work, So thats where I will focus my time before starting on the next release. I have some big dreams for the next version, we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out.
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