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Like stated in your PM, posting ftp session, especially with IPs removed from it, will not create "a security breach". You are practicing security by obscurity, which doesn't work. If your site is insecure, it will get hacked regardless if you post it here. Posting it here will not increase your risks in any way, unless you are dumb enough to use "password" as your password. In all the years that this forum existed, not a single user reported any security issues after posting their session logs.

I'm not employed or getting paid by FlashFXP. I help here because I like doing this. I'm not "an Admin", nor am I a "simple FlashFXP Beta Tester", I do have 2nd highest post count on this forum, 2nd only to bigstar, the developer of FlashFXP. That should tell you something that I know a few things about FlashFXP and ftp..

Alas, if you want to be tinfoil hat paranoid, good luck finding another ftp client that can do half of what FlashFXP.
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