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This cannot be disabled in beta releases.

There's a very good reason to update with each new release. In fact I do not recommend anyone use any release but the latest build when it comes to beta releases.

All 4.1 beta builds prior to 1640 contain many defects that can result in a wide range of problems. The exact severity of the issues and how they effects you depend on how you use FlashFXP and in a small part luck.

Our beta releases have minimal testing prior to release, we rely on beta testers for the bulk of the testing. Especially lately with the recent discovery of 3 critical defects that result in memory overwrites. Everyone using a 4.1 beta is urged to upgrade to 1640 ASAP.

I do my best to limit the amount of beta releases that are released but sometimes a critical issue is discovered that cannot wait. We try to limit our beta releases to no more than 4 releases a month, but with a last minute push to find and fix any remaining 4.1 bugs our release schedule has increased. Our goal was release 4.1 stable tomorrow but our schedule was thrown off by at least a week.
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