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Default FlashFXP 4.1 RC 3 build 1640

FlashFXP 4.1 Build 1640 (RC 3)
  1. Fixed > Local Browser > File List > Dragging a file within the file list and dropping on another file resulted in the file being moved to the parent folder.
  2. Fixed > Local Browser > File List > Drag / Drop displayed the no drop mouse cursor but still attempted to perform the drop operation.
  3. Fixed > Server > FTP > Active mode (PORT) > Port mode operations would often fail with a timeout. This was caused by a defect in the listening routine.
  4. Fixed > Server > Secure FTP > The SSL/TLS handshake could sometimes fail due to a defect in the handshake routine.
  5. Fixed > File Transfer Status-bar > Remaining, Elapsed, Queue > The Text formatting routine failed to separate the minutes from the seconds.
  6. Fixed > File Transfers > The "Filename case conversion" function was returning an invalid result causing file transfers to fail.
  7. Added > The Key Manager (for managing X.509 certificates / RSA Keys / DSA keys) is now directly accessible via the main menu under Sites.
Additional Information:
I changed the default floating-point unit in this release, All releases for the last 10 years disabled floating point exception errors and this was not the intended behavior. It's possible that this change might introduce some unexpected crashes, this will allow us to address any FPU issues, rather than keeping them hidden.

Known bugs:
I would like to think all known issues have been resolved. If I'm mistake or you find a bug please let me know, I will be forever in your debt

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