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Default FlashFXP 4.1 RC 3 build 1635

4.1 Build 1635 (RC 3)
  1. Fixed > 3 lines of text that containing spelling errors, translations will need to be updated.
4.1 Build 1634 (RC 3)

  1. Fixed > Toolbar > button visibility > toggling 'transfer selected' was reversed with 'queue selected', and 'transfer mode' toggle wasn't functioning.
  2. Fixed > Server > time zone > Auto detect time zone offset > For FTP servers that use the LIST or STAT command the seconds field wasn't being truncated properly and FlashFXP was adding the seconds as part of the adjustment.
  3. Fixed > Server > LIST or STAT command > when using the T parameter to include seconds in the date/time. The seconds weren't added to the internal date/time value.
  4. Changed > Task-bar progress > The percentage is now re-calculated whenever an item is added/removed from the queue list.
  5. Changed > Session > On Transfer Complete > After triggering a Suspend or Hibernate we now reset the action back to "do nothing", since FlashFXP is left open and not closed.
  6. Changed > System Tray > Lock FlashFXP > Prompt dialog > Text "Enter password to lock FlashFXP" changed to "Enter password to lock". Added error message on empty password and when the passwords don't match, also fixed the length check to allow a single character.
  7. Fixed > Interface > Maximizing the main application window under certain configurations and environments could result in a application dead-lock.
  8. Changed > Translation Editor > When saving a translation and submitting it to our server, the accepted status reply is shown in the middle of the window and error messages are shown in message boxes.
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