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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
The over-all queue progress percentage shown on the taskbar isn't updated in real-time, it looks like when a file is added to the queue the percentage isn't updated fast enough, it may take up to a minute or more. I will change the way the taskbar progress is updated to ensure that it's updated at least once per second when the percentage changes. Thank you
i would suggest that updating the progress when a great change on the queue happened. say adding or removing a file that is larger than 1% of whole queue size, etc.

Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
I happen to have a machine running windows server 2008r2 that I access via remote desktop. I attempted to reproduce this lockup but was unsuccessful.

It could be caused by a specific setting set via the remote desktop connection, I tested every possible combination that I could think of, all the color depths, performance settings, etc.

Was FlashFXP idle or busy when you connected to the remote desktop? You might want to test again with 1631 and see if you still have the same issue.
i just comfirmed that switching the option under win7 laptop with aero enabled would cause the window halt just the same way. flashfxp eat whole single cpu resource.
i'm downloading the new rc build and will let you know after further test.


build 1632 is no good. still halt. i attached flashfxp.ini here with personal infomation wiped. hope it helps
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