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Originally Posted by spudgun View Post
When connecting to/tranferring files from a drftpd based site flash fxp 4 can't use the remove failed transfers from queue option to skip the crc check notices in each folder. If this option is ticked you just get caught in an endless loop as flash tries and fails to enter the folder (CWD) which it can't do as these folders don't really exist and it just keeps trying and trying and not moving on to the next file.

For example;

[R] CWD /*** file name removed *** /[ 28 of 28 files = 100% complete of 1.4GB]
[R] 550 /*** file name removed ***/[ 28 of 28 files = 100% complete of 1.4GB]: File not found..
FlashFXP 4.x and up will re-try failed transfers up to the (user defined amount) and I believe this is what you're seeing. Preferences Dialogs > Transfer > Retry Failed Transfers

I do believe that the proper way to address this special folder is to add it to your skip list.
Set the mask to \[*complete*] and compare to Name of folder

The [ bracket is special in 4.x, so it must be escaped with the \

This should resolve the issue.
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