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Default FlashFXP 4.1 RC 3 build 1632

FlashFXP 4.1 Build 1632 (RC 3)
  1. Fixed > Installer > The installer was creating a folder named M_NAME in the folder where the setup was run. The installer script was using the actual variable name and not the value.
  2. Fixed > Remote View/Edit > When navigating cached folders the download routine was requesting the file size which was unnecessary step, and in some cases the server current working directory wasn't the location of the file.
  3. Added > Queue List > Additional state icons for en-queued move and rename commands.
  4. Changed > Renamed whatsnew.rtf on the Help menu to "Release Notes" and the file to "Release Notes.rtf" and now the file is displayed within the internal editor. (due to this change you'll need to wait until the next build before you can use this feature. since the previous build is responsible for creating the file.)
  5. Fixed > Local Browser > When list content in the local file browser was updated due to a external event the content wasn't redrawn correctly.

FlashFXP 4.1 Build 1631 (RC 3)

  1. Fixed > queue list > sort > The sort behavior didn't match the column arrow.
  2. Fixed > Transfer Graph > Splitter > The splitter above the transfer graph wasn't using the same style as the other splitter controls.
  3. Fixed > keyboard shortcuts > The behavior of Ctrl+J and Ctrl+K was based only on the active side instead of being dynamic, if one side is local browser and the other remote browser then these shortcuts should function globally regardless of the active side.
  4. Fixed > Remote File Search > CHMOD > After performing a CHMOD operation an access violation crash was triggered.
  5. Fixed > Transfer Graph > 3D Type > When the graph display was set to 3D the transfer speed drawn on the graph was overlapping the border on the right side.
  6. Fixed > Transfer Graph > After opening the Preferences dialog and making any change, then clicking Apply or OK, the Transfer graph height was reset to default.
  7. Fixed > Transfer > Synchronization > When using "One way with delete" with a download FlashFXP would crash with an access violation.
  8. Fixed > Queue > Edit > The dialog was showing "Multiple Selected" in the window title even when a single item was selected.
  9. Fixed > A defect in a general purpose date/time to string conversion routine that resulted in the incorrect result.
  10. Fixed > File Transfers > File Exist dialog > When displaying the file date/time, if the date/time was invalid the file would be automatically skipped due to a silent internal error.
  11. Fixed > Language Translations > When a string is untranslated the English text is supposed to be displayed, However due to a defect no text was shown.
  12. Fixed > Live Update > Auto check > Messages shown in the status window weren't properly stripped of the ending CR/LF.
  13. Fixed > Live Update > If the user manually ran an update check while the automatic update check was in progress it could could create a race condition that could lead to FlashFXP crashing.
  14. Fixed > File Transfers > date/time comparison > An unexpected result could occur if the file had an invalid file date, such as files with a creation/modified date older than 1980.
Please download the update via LiveUpdate

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