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Default Site UGrep Script

UGrep.itcl v1.0
Extract matching fields out of userfiles

site UGrep [ "-nozeros" ] { <fieldName> | "*" } [<regexp>]
"-nozeros" - Hide fields whose value is "0".
<fieldName> - Search particular user field only
"*" - Search against all searchable fields
<regexp> - regular expression to match against field contents, if not supplied match anything.

Output for specific field searches is sorted by the field value, and by uid for "*" searches.

site ugrep -- usage info along with valid field list
site ugrep logonlast -- sorted list of when everybody last logged on
site ugrep tagline -- display taglines of all users
site ugrep tagline silver -- display taglines that contain the word silver
site ugrep ips silver -- display users with a hostmask that contains the word silver somewhere in at least one of them.
site ugrep -nozeros expiresat -- displays the time accounts expired or will expire at but don't show normal accounts which never expire.
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