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Default Just started using FFXP, my initial feedback

First of all, great program, just bought it and I really like it thus far.

A couple things I miss from other software I have used, let me know if I have missed a setting somewhere that can enable these features:
1)I think this was a configuration error.

2)Auto upload on save only works for remotely edited files. This is a nice feature, however it would be even nicer if users could have FlashFXP monitor a directory for changes on the local computer and upload any files saved in that directory or its sub-directories.

3)Am I doing something wrong with rules? I want it to overwrite if a file is both newer or equal, but it seems like flashfxp only matches the last rule in the list?

Things I love:

It's the first FTP program I've used that actually maintains a connection with all the servers I have tried it on. No other program does this right, thank you for solving this apparently mystical problem. Half the vendors claim the "server is setup wrong" well, I don't setup all the servers I work with!

Stable so far, love that 100%, +1 million, thank you for stable software.

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