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Default FlashFXP 4.1 RC 1 build 1619

FlashFXP 4.1 RC 1 build 1619
  1. Fixed path drop-down box > mouse wheel scrolling wasn't being handled directly by FlashFXP when it should have, instead it was relying on the mouse driver to perform the scroll operation.
  2. Fixed status window > scrolling via the scroll-bar thumb was broken if the window contained over 32k lines of text.
  3. Improved status window > 10x speed increase by re-factoring the line wrap routine.
  4. Fixed transfer progress bar > the progress bar wasn't re-sized correctly in some situations, as a result the bottom of the bar was sometimes cut off.
  5. Fixed queue window > drag/drop > in the prior build a setting was incorrect causing abnormal behavior.
  6. Fixed FTP > LIST parser > If the connection was lost or closed the temporary buffer used for parsing wasn't cleared, the following connect/reconnect would then treat the old data as part of the next list data.
  7. Fixed status window > scrolling up to the oldest entry would only display a single line in the bottom of the window.
  8. Fixed remote drop-down box > the drop-down navigation history wasn't updated correctly after 15 items were added.
  9. Fixed FTP > LIST parser > entries with dates older than 1900 were treated as invalid and not shown in the file listing.
  10. Fixed server > rename > caching issue, if a transfer is attempted after rename the internal object cache wasn't correctly updated, re-using the stale cache data.
Please download the update via LiveUpdate

This is a re-release of build 1617 + bug fix. After uploading build 1617 we discovered an issue that was quickly fixed, this fix and update occurred before 1617 was actually made public, however in that time our CDN cached the buggy build. We've had this issue in the past and we use a CDN API to purge the CDN cache prior to any public release, however in an unexpected fashion the CDN control panel/API was down and our purge script didn't report any errors.

This update includes an additional bug fix that was brought to my attention by Lbeansy as I was preparing the new build, so I included it in this update.

Build 1618 contained 4 minor bugs related to the above changes, here's a quick fix for them and I'm sorry that I missed them in my own tests.

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