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Default FlashFXP 4.1 RC 1 build 1617

FlashFXP 4.1 RC 1 build 1617
  1. Fixed path drop-down box > mouse wheel scrolling wasn't being handled directly by FlashFXP when it should have, instead it was relying on the mouse driver to perform the scroll operation.
  2. Fixed status window > scrolling via the scroll-bar thumb was broken if the window contained over 32k lines of text.
  3. Improved status window > 10x speed increase by re-factoring the line wrap routine.
  4. Fixed transfer progress bar > the progress bar wasn't re-sized correctly in some situations, as a result the bottom of the bar was sometimes cut off.
  5. Fixed queue window > drag/drop > in the prior build a setting was incorrect causing abnormal behavior.
  6. Fixed FTP > LIST parser > If the connection was lost or closed the temporary buffer used for parsing wasn't cleared, the following connect/reconnect would then treat the old data as part of the next list data.
  7. Fixed status window > scrolling up to the oldest entry would only display a single line in the bottom of the window.
  8. Fixed remote drop-down box > the drop-down navigation history wasn't updated correctly after 15 items were added.
  9. Fixed FTP > LIST parser > entries with dates older than 1900 were treated as invalid and not shown in the file listing.
Please download the update via LiveUpdate
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