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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Are you looking for a way to view this information from within FlashFXP, locally on your computer or both? We can save this information to the users computer, but it seems like something that most people will not need or want. We could always add a button to the update dialog to allow the user to save the changelog, but then this would require additional steps by the user.

Please let us know exactly what you had in mind and we will try our best to find a way to accommodate you.
Sorry for the delay. It'd be best if there was a "Version history" item under "Help". It could poll the server to query the version history for the given FlashFXP build the user is using, or more simply the same, very latest list that is transmitted when an upgrade is available.

I don't know what the underlying server architecture is but it seem to me adding an extra (or different) argument to the URL (which already has the version info) could open a file on the server with that info already in it - identical to what would've been visible were an upgrade available. Perhaps that's what's done already in that case.

Slightly more complex, save that static history file and when a user requests the version history for their outdated installation (which they declined to update), you could show that older file (since the query has the version number in it already). A little different than what you'd see when checking for an update in that case, since it wouldn't include info beyond the release you're actually using.

Storing the version history locally might be MORE complicated in the long run (though perhaps it can be baked right in). Serving at least the most current version history on demand (again, what you'd see if you were out-of-date) would be handy. And it's low-bandwidth.

People tend to look at version histories AFTER this kind of highly-automated upgrade installation, particularly if something comes up, especially with betas. Seeing it beforehand is nice but being able to pull it up on demand later is much more useful (and simpler than trawling the forums to piece the history together).
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