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Default Help with scrolling of bookmarks in 4.x vs. 3.x?

I have just upgraded from 3.x (long-time use) to 4.x, running under Windows Vista SP1.

I am having trouble with how the bookmarks are being displayed when I press the Connect button.

In 3.x, my long list of bookmarks (with hundreds of entries) are displayed as a single column with scroll arrows at the top & bottom so that I can scroll up or down to see my entire list.

In 4.x, however, my long list of bookmarks are displayed in multiple columns of around 25 bookmarks per column. This creates many columns (ten's of columns) of bookmarks that are displayed side-by-side, with many columns being displayed off screen so they are not reachable.

I have read an earlier post suggesting a manual edit of the MIPrCol=X option in the FlashFxp.ini file to raise the X to a high number. However, that option is supposed to be a deprecated option for Windows 95 compatibility. I am running Window Vista, thus I am unsure if this is a valid workaround.

Is there any way to change how the bookmarks are displayed in 4.x - scrolling in single column vs. multiple columns natively within the app without a manual hack of the ini file?
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