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I attempted to reproduce the issue you experienced with the backup/restore, using an identical setup as yours, Windows 7 32-bit vs 64-bit, unfortunately I was unable to reproduce the issue.

Would it be possible to give me the cpu brand/model for each machine?
What is the windows operating system native language for each machine?

The installer isn't smart enough to know how to read or extract data from the backup file, This could be added but I don't think it would be able to properly handle encrypted files.

I have to wonder if maybe perhaps there might be a problem with the original encrypted files that were used to create the .fbk backup file.

Could you please try the following steps.

1. First please create a backup of the FlashFXP .dat files (outside of flashfxp) just in case this test exposes a problem with the encrypted files and you need a way to restore the current working .dat files.

2. Sites > Security > Clear password. Restart FlashFXP, please verify to make sure your files were all decrypted and loaded correctly into FlashFXP, you can either check within FlashFXP or load the data files into notepad to confirm whether or not they're decrypted. (Some files such as the cert.dat and schedule.dat are always encrypted) the encrypted files start with ESTREAM followed by binary data.

3. Sites > Security > Set Password. Now create a backup and try to restore it on another computer.

As for installing FlashFXP with customized default settings this can be done, though it has to be done a special way. It can't be done via the installer, the data files must be placed into a sub-folder located in the FlashFXP program folder such as C:\Program Files (x86)\FlashFXP 4\Default, the first time FlashFXP is started it will copy the default files from this location into the users personal data folder. Oh and at the moment this will only work when the installation is set to per-user data files (where the data files are stored in the users own %APPDATA% folder vs the shared data folder %ALLUSERSPROFILE%).
it has to be done the first time FlashFXP started and not via the installer and the installation must store the data files per-user. This allows administrators to create a customized default set of data files that are installed the first time the user runs FlashFXP.

You can delete the data files from the FlashFXP data folder to revert FlashFXP back to a default installation. With the exception of the default site list, as this would need to be restored from a virgin installation. You can run FlashFXP with the command line FlashFXP.exe -uninstall_data_files to remove the data files the same way.

The quick launch setting appears to work for me, Was the quick launch bar added as outlined in this following how-to guide?

If you use a non-standard folder for the quick launch bar in Windows 7 then you wont see the shortcut added by the installer.

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