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Hey guys, funny issue regarding "backup/restore" , i did some backup-config into .fbk file of my pw-secured ffxp and tried to restore onto another windows7-64bit same build 1613 , during import he asked for the password i entered, it was accepted as expected, then he asked "what you want to import, i choosed all stuff", it imported and started ffxp saying "some optjon first take place if you restart ffxp". now i restart ;-) and it asks again for my set'ed password but it says "the password does not match".

yeah baby! another bug found and im happy thats my office client where i found this issue and i hope to see urgent update fixing this. btw. this is reproducable and it works for dummy password 12345678 aswell as for special passwords.

@author: while now i dont have access on my new client's ffxp i would like to see some /restore commandline option or e.g. in START_PROGRAMS_FFXP "start ffxp with factory default". because now i have to complete uninstall ffxp including settings, have to reinstall and again try to import my .fbk file.

and while we talk about .fbk file i would like to see a cool feature working like this:

-if you place the .fbk in same folder as setup.exe it would recoqnizes this and pushes it automatically in the config after finishing installation, that would be quite handy, instead of installing and having manually restore .fbk file . what you think ?

but first, fix the password problem i wonder no-one found this issue/bug ;-) so everyone "trusts" in the password stuff without ever backup/restore? ;-) well we are on build beta but that feature should always work cause it worked in earlier times like a charm ;-))

EDIT: the sourcePC was some win7-32bit , the other new client is win7-64bit, im not sure if that makes any sense...

EDIT2: perhaps will try to import the same file again on same client, but i dont think that makes any sense... and yeah, i dont have CAPSlock on or NUMlock ;-) tried it 5times !

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