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Default ioNiNJA - NTFS junctions for zipscript?


I cannot figure out how to toggle between ioNiNJA using NTFS junctions/ioFTPD style symlinks.

I found the following in the readme;
12. What is NTFS junctions? and what makes them better or worse then ioftpd symlinks?

Ntfs junctions is basicly symlinks in windows. In other words the links works as regular folders in a windows enviroment.
There are some restrictions to it. For instance NTFS junctions can not point to a network drive. But they can be shared over
network for use with XBMC or MediaPortal.
One things thats better with this type of symlink is that it works as a REAL directory. ioFTPD symlinks will only send you to the
original dir and they don't work under a windows enviroment.
In windows vista microsoft added the ability to use symlinks that work over network unfortunatly they can not be shared over networks, hence
making them pretty useless since most symlinks are most useful on servers for creating a nice folder structure. I might add support
for this format later on but right now the ntfs junctions actually work better.

If you're only going to use ioFTPD for a server then the ioftpd symlinks might fit you best. If you going to use the server to get media from
I would recommend junctions
ATM the (incomplete)-* symlinks ioNiNJA creates, only work with ioFTPD (I assume this is because ioFTPD style is used). How can I make it create NTFS junctions, that windows will understand, instead?

I found this switch in the imdb script;
#Symbolic Windows Links or Regular ioftpd links
# 0= Regular ioFTPD links
# 1= Symbolic windows links
set ioNJ(imdb_sym_type) "1"
But can't find anything like that in the zipscript config.
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